Sunday, July 29, 2012

a beautiful death

Don't tell me how a poem is
with your spelling all correct 
and syntax in context 
all lined up (ducks in a row) in deep and meaningful order.

Here the tides are always turning
this way and that, sleepless
as the earth falls from my shoulders,
feathers twisted, into open space.

too many descriptive words
and superlatives
weighing down
how I feel
 about breathing underwater.

I come to your funeral
crying out to death
come out, come out,
embrace me
I am only and always absolutely for you.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

because we all must die

Perfections toll eating acid like my empty shell of a heart
a heart still echoing the beat of one hand clapping
clapping for you for everything you've ever done
laying me out, next to you
under the earth
to a death worthy of this only Life.

We were dancing to everything
relentless as the waves that break and burn as the world turns
wearing me out, falling me down
tearing love itself apart.

Legacy of time leaning out to hold us,
these growing years
ticking down to this old moment
rolling over my naked soul
all I ever am
most finally okay with me.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

the curve of remembering

And when I opened my eyes they were all right there again
staring as if it were my own wake at which I have awoken
(and maybe it is)
and yet the loneliness remains
no longer a ravenous beast who would devour me
just a boy who has lost his father
a shadow with good reason not to trust the light
in this storey wrote beyond it's happy ever after
until everything I'm wanting to forget forgo's me
And I want all of it right back, like life wants you.