Sunday, December 26, 2010


It's about sex,
about how it's not about sex.
And how it's all about sex,
                             And wanting
                                       and feeling
more than sex
more than the body
and at the least a conversation
It's not about the letter O
                      or G 
not about getting somewhere
If it's just an itch, it's the kind that scratching only makes worse.

It's about time,
                         taking it, 
            making it, 
And letting Love be this life, right here.
It's about the soul,
                 finding it. 
           baring it, 
being willing to share it,
And if you offer me anything less I can not stomach it.

Friday, December 24, 2010

the only thing left that matters

When all the tears have been shed,
all the hats hung up,
all the games have been won,
all the pieces lost,
all the trains have gone,
and all the flowers have gone to seed,
all the jokes have been got,
and all the words said,
maybe then
maybe you'll know
That I always loved you
More than is possible,
and I always will
no matter what.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Be-Cause I Be-Live

Begin with the body
the one that wears your soul to death
touching the earth
dust to dust

Let the time take you
hold you safely in the arms of change
counting one heart
Breaking open
to be
everything you are.

Let there be space
for life to make you up
growing wild again
against the tide
of all that is born through blood sweat and tears.

The dirt runs deep
dancing under steady feet
turning always into gravity
dizzy with the spell
if you believe
Love is.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dualities fool

In this state I'm not sure that I count at all,
I'm already pacing half way back across the distance between us.

And back to start again at one, two
one two...
but to turn to see, is to turn to salt,
So everything burns,
To an ash mixed with sugar
smeared across the face of darkness
I know by hand
the price we willingly pay
draged backwards through time
to cover my embarrassment
at how the little you give
means so much to me.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Found Wanting

Let me be wrong tonight
but not about this
The heart holds more than we can know.
And the winds of change tear holes though the houses we thought to build there,
because Love is the sky itself.
Look up and fall
against the very laws of gravity
into that space were you can believe
Be aLive through anything. 
I want you to know, 
how I love you always and every which way
(except possibly how you wanted.)

But that you wanted,
... how we all do,
for everything, yet not right now
not like this;
But please God let me be wrong. 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

things I don't know how to say

Do you really want me to let you
make me want to die?

to rip my soul into bite size pieces you can swallow
Just so that you don't have to Love me like you do?

Sometimes your body detracts from something 
deeper and sweeter than skin or bones.
and it's desire distracts from what little we know.

It moves with the mind, and what is lost in translation;
to want what we want, rather than how we think

To want how we are, instead of that it should be 

Perfect as if such a word could pin down the wind
and freeze this moment the one that is too much 
But never enough, it breaks my heart all on it's own

so you see I don't need you,
only because 
I am you
I love you more than that.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Dreams of me.

So I was sleeping, dreaming as one does, I was at a party, and who should I bump into there but me.

And I try to pretend, that it isn't me, but it really is. 

It's kind of embarrassing, awkward, annoying and definitely improper to meet myself like this. 

But there I am and I can't seem to get out of my own way. So I figure maybe it's a sign, maybe I've got something I need to tell myself, in person.

Only one way to find out, I corner myself deliberately intently focused, maybe for the first time, watching from an outside point of view.

To discover, I am much more that I ever knew.
 Then I'm falling, for myself this time, in quite an ultimate way.
And the Look of Love in my own eyes, is something I hope to never forget. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

inside out

The days twist through my fingers 
like shreds of something I should remember but don't.

And the lessons that I might have learn't, 
but wont, 
slip from my fragile grasp of reality.

But this time I don't care what it means;
         Don't care to come, 
or move so quick, 
to catch life as she flies wildly by.

I can't explain it, 
but I feel it all from the inside of everything.
        My heart, 
which is your heart now, 
want's it all.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

ten percent of nothing

It's the little things that get to me,
and what you don't say that makes me think.
because in the end theres nothing that I wouldn't give you,
and nothing that I can.

Image- nothing will be alright by Brooke Reynolds

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the who of us

I wont do what we always do.
I wont let our love be a battleground that kills us both.

I want to come to you with my arms full of gifts and my heart full of love,
So in these times when I feel nothing we must both wait.

I like to hear the sound of your voice softly calling,
but I'm not quite finished drinking this desert yet.