Saturday, June 18, 2011

Too Easy

Don't tell me I don't care,  I guess you have your reasons to forget me

It wasn't Love at first sight, you were impulsive both soft and sure in a way I may never get.
I'm over-thinking, my overwrought, slow boiling heart swelling crush on you.

That's how I roll, uphill with the wind in my hair,
 but I doubt you even saw me move at all.

I still Love the way my heart pounded when I called you, 
To prove I'm alive, 
 talking through the devil magic to leave un-criptic messages, 
of what may just be too little a little too late.

I sometimes blame the universe,
but she is bigger than such small things as my empty heart.
The earth carries me regardless if the hand I holds my own, 
Dragging soul through soil to uncover the root that sways the heart of men.

And the women who lie with flowers, maybe they deserve your love.
while I flounder trapped in the arms of grace,
trying to explain just how connected everything is.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The war on reality

Take up your imaginary arms and fight,
Heed the call of the wild inside the breath you can't quite catch
of the future you thought you'd never dare to dream of.

Strangle the automated answers that stick in your throat, 
lash your tongue against the very idea of truth 
and bare your teeth to the facts stripped of the flesh that formed them.

Cut off your own head to prove how much you care
Sharpen your senses, till you feel more than you think,
and know that six is the smallest number of impossible things you must believe in.

Putting Anti-matter into a jar for later,
The context is containment,
because they don't own your soul 
(just maybe you don't either).

For want of wanting something to fight for,
it's a life that worth living 
even if it is a lie.

the story so far

it started long before I was born
before my grandmothers crawled in the dust as babes
and the chimps that looked up to stare in wonder at the open sky
to reach up their hands to see if we could touch it
and wrap this coat of space around our naked skin,
eating dirt, we take and make the earth inside us
so that it couldn't be all wrong
still I'm not sure it will ever be alright again.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Not like a rock star

Sure I set my soul on fire myself
orbiting this light alive
my heart implodes like it doesn't know what solid means.

not rock, just Ice and dust,
hanging out,
like a bad omen
cooling the tail of Mc Naught
because without this darkness who would see the light?

Comet McNaught.
Photo by John white

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Folded my body
into half of your soul
twisted the truth around my shoulders
like a cape a superhero might fly with
and now here I unfurl my patience
against your self-hatred
it was never me,
or you,
just us tangled hearts and hands
across spaces that were never between but inside
this mind divided
to the holy we
but I miss how close I imagined we might feel.

Friday, June 3, 2011

The rules

learning to love the loneliness
that drips from my finger tips
 and rolls down the lines that life drew in my sand box
because 34 years is enough to know better
how I'm tired
and salt is the taste of sweet sadness
who is my heart
right now
ready to break,
into nothing,
if you'l let me be.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The broken horizon steps away from my unmoving feet,
the earth turns heavy in my sleep.
My eyes fill and flow with the tides of you,
of what I could not see
The foundations of feeling
falling in this steadfast gaze.
because all I desired was desire itself,
and it tastes so good
and it makes me fat
to hold my ground against the winds
that wind time herself in knots
to worry if it's real or what
but I'm here
and if you put your hand against my chest
you might feel my heart beat,
you might give me reason to breathe.