Saturday, January 15, 2011

Life goes on with and without me.

Even If I could make it all stop,
Theres no guarantee I could get it started again.

And even if you get everything you think you want
there's little chance it's what you really need.
That it might make you as happy, as you imagine you might be,
but not sure if you deserve.

If I was made of stone, I wouldn't need to breathe
like we all do
And you wouldn't be sad
that my heart doesn't beat
and the deep still cold would sooth my fervoured Soul.


  1. You, without breath, would make me nothing but sad.
    Because you aren't made of stone.
    You are the warmth of an everlasting candle burning; a glimmer of light amongst the shadows, the dark; a glimmer of hope in all this.


  2. when youre halfway to a miracle
    you can turn to stone it may be the nature
    of getting there and theres always turning back
    and usually the memory doesnt go anyway and after
    all gravel rocks and cement slate and marble can't give up can they?

  3. I absolutely love this.
    It's so scary when we think how fragile our lives are, how fragile each fragment of every day and every person we love, and every thing we adore is. If we were stone we would be strong, unbreakable. But we wouldn't enjoy the beauty either. And so I guess its a good compromise, a good sacrifice to make.


  4. Beautiful and so true.. I love it, I guess its cos I can find myself within these words...

  5. what an irony... sometimes after getting what you want, you just don't need it..