Tuesday, September 20, 2011

keep smiling

If your not my friend anymore then you never were. 
I can't see the darkness for the light.


  1. People change. That doesn't mean they were always deceiving you. I know it seems like that but things just change.

  2. Im wondering waht that is a picture of.
    is it just one of those in the batch that didn't have light or didn't develop or ? Just curious. I think I see a few weird things in there though I know its just me :)

  3. It's a picture I took in the dark, I was surprised by how colourful it is.
    For some reason I don't get notice for comments so you have to bear with me sometimes it takes a while before I remember to check the older posts.
    Keep dreaming. xo

  4. it is an intersting picture. what i do is every so often check the commemts link and it lists them in the order they come in. it also has the spam link and ive found a few in there that werent spam.
    i will try to get back to some dreaming now