Monday, January 30, 2012

Crashing into the moon

Crashing into the moon
like I don't care
that we all will die
I care about the heat of the night around me
but not about the fear that rattles my own chest
maybe you saw me crying, 
or was it the ocean was leaking out of my miracle eyes again.
It doesn't matter what I want
it isn't enough. 

Photo by Ulrika Kertere


  1. again and again and again and again, and if is not the moon is the dog and if not .... buuuaaahhhhkkkk go away!!

  2. Replies
    1. this one puts me in a state of suspended animation.
      the "reply" thing is that something automatic? I guess I am about to find out??

  3. wow, I get a delete button on my screen too.
    this is all so amazing...also, those are some interesting comments.

  4. its really sad. I honestly don't compeletly understand why or how the "reply" thing works.Is my reply to bella's post? Am not sure but I think I may have replied to her by mistake because I didnt know what reply really meant, to your poem or to her comment.
    Not that I understand a lot of things but it kind of makes me worried that im going seniles

    1. I think that the reply option is to reply to individual comments, but I've never used it either. (till now) Someone once told me that if you worry about going crazy then your not because crazy people don't think they are crazy. :) xo

    2. yes, and the truth is we are all a little crazy anyhow, but real crazy is crazier...good then to think about whether i am full blown crazy I guess :)
      the reply thing was funny.
      the first time I saw it on blogger I thought someone was just asking for a reply, like "please answer me", then i noticed it was a link too and I thought that person knows html. ahh, then I realized i was wrong and it was put in by blogger to be less confusing...but it just showed me that im often totally wrong about the things I think are a certain way or the reasons behind things. :))

  5. I love this post. The words are so real, so deep. It doesn't matter what we want, for we will always want more. However, the point is to keep wanting and working toward achieving whatever it is we want each and every day.