Tuesday, June 26, 2012

God Crush

how easily I turned with the world dancing under my stumbling feet
like a skittish horse, believing in my own myth
but never really knowing what I wanted to begin with.

Hungry for the weight of reasons I could never bear,
to hold me in the way of what God never would.
to know how good wrong could feel
and be scarred by the light
of what omnipotence really means 

We can start again,
each second another chance for loves heart to beat, 
life deep and sweet 
pressed into this skin 
wearing 7 billion faces
each and every none of them like me


  1. This is nice. It reminds me of my favorite thing to remember that every moment is the beginning of the rest of your life. And "This moment too is a very good one, if we yet know what to do with it."

  2. hopefully it knows what to do with me cause I've all run out of plans :)

  3. Most of my plans fail so I find planning loosely much easier. Allowing for anything to happen is what I mean by that:-)

  4. thanks to human
    feel our world
    the body wakes the blood for life again
    feel the wind disappear into belief
    like infinitely breaking hearts
    more alive than the ocean

  5. Wow... so beautiful. You have a real talent with words! :-)