Thursday, October 11, 2012

Amoral Prude

still both too late and too early
but the fact that I flinch is more reflex than choice.
I understand what I want to hear
and want it to mean everything
to everybody
but mostly I just want you 
all of you absofuckinglutely.
I want to speak clearly once if only to myself here
how this feels
Hashing over questions I doubt I'll ever have the nerve to ask
like wondering, since I am already old
how in hell I'm going to ever grow up.


  1. a prudish amorality
    I can identify with this
    I never grew up because
    it seemed wrong to.
    Just call me baby :)

  2. Rivercat, thank you for making me smile!
    I thought no one would comment here cause it sounds a bit angry with all the swearing and all.
    xo Baby :)