Saturday, December 8, 2012

are you?


something more
yet incomplete
the words worlds whirl all around
their letters trip and meaning rip new wholes 
in places I forgot to read
sentences that are not battle fields
The sense I can not afford to make nor lose
there is no space for full stops here

It's all me myself and you.


  1. yes to you
    the rare you
    yes to being dreams
    ahes of being like sand
    you can't clutch or anything
    clear and shining like hands touching
    unmissing my head edges seeping out of edges
    I say it even dreaming softly
    out loud tonight slowly yes

  2. Keeping going
    When the shadow seems stuck to the wall
    It seems strange to some
    Reality to others
    When the book opens and all spills out
    It's hard to find the marble that rolled Under the furniture
    Elsewhere the plants are being watered
    Lipstick applied
    Cars parked
    Yet, stuck with a shadow
    I'll wave to him
    Waiting for a returning hello
    or goodbye,
    Undecided if we're coming or going
    But sure that the waterfall still pours.

  3. hi,

    2013 posts went away?

    i say that way because im not sure how to spell dissapeard :)

  4. Hi Rivercat

    Disappeared is a very tricky word to spell! I had to go back and take an extra s out before I got spell check to un underline it.

    I was going to try and delete the whole thing, but then I got lazy. And now look here I am talking to you.

    Blogger has been annoying me lately it seemed to subscribe me to some weird blog about getting a big paycheck and it filled all my reading list with crap.

    Plus I was sick of my own voice here, I want to start somewhere fresh and new. But I do really love your writing and if I do go somewhere else I will let you know.

  5. I am not into writing lately. I dont feel like it but i still read a blog or two. Im glad you answered as I feared maybe it was being slowly taken down forever and id never know what happened. Im glad to know the story now and also that you would let me know if you find a different place :)
    Im adjusting to my new life without my mom. its a sad time and at the same time i have to think about the future. I think in my case its just hanging around the house and doing small things and thinking about life outside the house lol
    please let me know if you move and ill check back too now and then as i do regularly

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  7. hi, still checking in to see if there is a new writing now and then :)