Saturday, September 7, 2013

It's been so Long
and the earth turned hard 
waiting for your rain

waiting for you to come
to your own funeral

to cry 
for your heart 
& breaking
over & over

dreaming like water

we were thirsty 
we wanted all of you

we broke our wishbones
wanting more than we could chew

You need to open the window
to get out of the house
out of your mind
your skin

time to let love pass right through 


  1. i wonder what its like being anything
    isnt it hard enough to be nothing ?
    i wonder why i always steered clear of math and what itslike to be a mathematics
    type person i get how so may great things come from it and about the advacement of science but i dnt know that i belong in this time period at all

  2. Poignant and heartfelt. Great writing!