Thursday, September 25, 2014

time folds, crinkles, crumples and falls around my ankles
Seducing me with the poetry of this uneven and unfair breath.

Impossible even, oddly ruthless, yet worth more always more.

The juxtaposition of coming and going
Painfully, hopelessly, a special kind of aching
sweet soft tissues, hardly holding me in
to have no Idea, especially not this one.

intimately, anatomically, inane
insane & excited

Because everything means everything
every god damn blessed bit.


  1. I like the way this moves as I read it.

    But I do hope you are okay, there is a sense of pain in this.

    The last two lines, I will be thinking of those dear, for the rest of the day and beyond that x

  2. Thank You Mhairi.
    I really enjoy to try to mix these words, feelings and meanings into new and unconventional connections in my own little universe called myself.
    You can assume if I am writing on here I am okay . :)