Wednesday, October 29, 2014

all the things I must forget

I remember nothing,
The warp and the weave of it, the feel of it underneath my fingers.
I remember it exactly how I wanted it;
and how exactly it is.

Now when I try to find where I put down my keys,
my phone,
my life,
nothing consumes me.

And when you ask me how I am
I have nothing much to say.



  1. my cat ) one of them( is upside down and wagging her tail like the cat clock. I was wondering if you took the blog off search engines as I sometimes check to make sure I didnt write something that you wrote already and i didnt find inconstant lies or miscontrued. A few times i have checked and seen something very similar to your writing and want to make sure i am not just reposting your writings but not i dont seem to be able to do that anymore. Do you mind having it on search again? or am i mistaken

  2. A cat clock sounds like a good time! I don't remember changing anything but maybe I did, I feel like I never really understand how to use this site.

    Often I feel like I am probably writing the same things over and over, but I very rarely look back past the last three posts to check. Maybe some things are worth repeating, maybe I only have one thing to say.

    I only have this blog but very occasionally I will repost something to my tumblr or something. Anyhow I always love your writing so keep it up!

  3. There is some setting in blogger somewhere where you have a choice of whether or not posts are included in search results from search engines. Blogger also has its own search box so it is a non issue now that I can use that box because that always works no matter the setting you choose.. I found that I sometimes use some of your phrases or other peoples so I search before I post to make sure im not just posting soemthing you or someone wrote as mine. That is why i was interested in the change because now in a google search your blog doesnt come up like it used to on google. I like finding out when I make up some combinations of words whether its semi original or not jsut out of curiosity. It is true that there is a lot more than just google out there but google does cover a large swatch. When I was unable to search google I was thinking i wouldnt write anymore then i saw the search box on blogger and now its back to normal again for my routine to check at least for your writing which seemed to be the most sticking in my head. Its kind of fun to see if something I think is "original" is in search or not. I guess many people wouldnt care but to me it is interesting so I check most of the time.unless im totally lazy.
    I'll give you an example....No results found for "rain gives me a green feeling" I would guess that one is 30/70 so that is about what I'd think would come up, as no results. So, its also about guessing right and wrong about word combinations being found on google. Typing is kind of funny - in quotes is another example. Id guess 60/40 that it came up and it did come up a few times. The more strange the combination, the less likely it comes up but sometimes something that really sounds cool or good or right comes up as no results and that is interesting

  4. I often Google turns of phrases that come to me, to see what associations they may already have. And then I always do an image search too cause sometimes you find the most interesting things. <3 google and the inter web. If you look far and wide and deep enough I'm sure we must all just be repeating ourselves ourselves over and over and over again. Still interesting somehow?

  5. the first thought that came to my mind is how long the stuff stays on google In a thousand years, will there be any phrases left that dont come up? Ive seen pages and pages of strung together words without meaning come up and I have no idea what they are about but maybe someone is trying to speed up the process. Yes, google is like the oracle. I also like youtube for old weird movies and for learning stuff.
    Im currently attempting to learn more about home electrical wiring and its great but I fall asleep when I watch it ( and that is good too) I like to start with videos when I go to sleep and then around 3 oclock i move to mp3 player with speakers and listen to zen talks. I dont think ive ever heard one all the way through so they serve thier purpose well as far as getting be back to sleep so i dont get up too early