Friday, March 13, 2015

my legs are no longer my legs,
the backs back away from me, and yet I find myself still standing
albeit in unfamiliar ground.

Strange strong and light, legs of life living beneath me;
and Oh to step, to leap, to lift aways from gravity,
for good, but not forever. Nothing lasts forever


  1. emotion remnants through me
    as I gather flowers that
    unfold and slip away
    I see my heart through my
    back in the stains on the wallpaper
    and again, i forget everything I
    was going to say

  2. Thank you for still visiting my Lonely little Blog here. ;)

  3. Its funny how the writing blogs died down, and I think its a good thing.
    I went to I wrote this for you blog to see if it still existed and it looks like
    its just a marketing blog now selling items. I have so little energy that I can only handle your blog and zoned's blog. I like visiting. My blog is living on a respirator but every now and again I have enough energy to
    put something up still. I actually felt sad when I used to get more comments cause i felt a little obligated to reply on thier blog and for me even making a small comment seemed like an all day affair and struggle lol..i like your writings and its nice to have a couple places to visit now and then.