Sunday, May 31, 2015

"I think I think I think" ad infinitum,
is a zen koan
an illogical loop
leading the willing mind into it's perfect trap
smack bang nowhere
falling off the edge of reason
until you nothing and you like it.


  1. ive been hyperventilating
    trying to get carrot out thats
    stuck in my throat
    its tiny but feels giant

  2. turns out it wasnt carrot
    it was from smoking medical marijuana
    I didnt imagine it but created the problem
    ( thinking something was caught above my pallet
    in the sinuses) from excessive gulping
    trying to get the "carrot" disloged which
    caused irritation. that was a strange one...
    it lasted 4 and a half days before i
    figured out what was going on

  3. You are one strange Cat river cat, I'm glad you didn't choke. Better give up that whacky weed. xo Breathe Easy my friend

  4. I don't smoke that often, but i like to smoke sometimes before practicing guitar.I always have to adjust the cats a little as one lives on the couch and the other on the coffee table and that's where I sit to play. Half the time they stay put and half the time one or both move. I practice probably three times a week on average for half hour