Tuesday, October 12, 2010

incompletely insane

Listening closely to everything we said, and suddenly what we couldn't say was obscenely obvious.
And my soul wanted to scream in a way that my mind couldn't quite keep hold on.
It squeaked out of me even though I kept my mouth fast shut, so I sounded like a kettle on the boil. 
Of course you laughed, and once you did even I could see how funny it was. 
And I laughed too, But the frustration was still there, igniting a madness that was bigger than I was. 
Both inappropriate yet uncontainable, I had no choice. 
The voice of mercy spoke through closed lips a high pitched squeal of absolute absurdity. 
I was out of control switching between insanity and ensuing hilarity. 

And then I was falling, and I was frightened trying to catch myself and it was gone. 
And I don't really remember what happened then, but I think I was angry, maybe I still am.
I didn't know enough to begin to tell you what went down, I'm still not sure but Im trying.


  1. thats so comforting to know that it makes sense to someone! Thanx :)

  2. our lives ,shared together ,one was held together by unknown seams ,that lead to many ,dead ends ,wild twist ,bumps ,wrong turns ,that whirled so fast ,creating something ,that even one ,could not see in front ,though leaving ,you to unveil ,understand ,much more than ,should ever had too ,there is no hurricane to be seen ,only left is plain woman ,that sees a love that ,stays as strong as each breath she inhales and exhales ,no pretending or need to ,put on a show ,at end of all ,is left is plain woman .
    with a love .
    ,with each steps ,each breath ,shall see that this plain woman ,left uncovered ,loves you ,with all ,she holds and has trust ,that love ,never holds a end.
    Plain woman ,awaits till moment ,comes ,that we can share ,more than silence .