Sunday, October 3, 2010

The myth of intimacy

No matter how or where you touch me,
you'll never come as close as if you stay still and let me feel your soul.


  1. How I wishhh sometimes that it was possible.


  2. It is but all this skin and desire gets in the way. Most people can't even feel their own soul, but it's the thing that makes everything else worth it. <3

  3. this I believe with my own soul ,as your touch ,holds amazing deepness ,that seemed flow to my soul ,that filled me with something ,I knew was feeling ,being complete .

  4. always was blinded with wants and desires that ,apply pressure ,never allowed self ,show you the truth ,in the purest pleasure was always ,just feeling ,your touch ,a look you gave me ,simple smile or chuckle ,your feet ,touching mine ,in middle ,night ,check see I was there .allowed me to feel complete .
    learning that in love ,letting other ,know instead reading minds ,brings things closer ,till one moment in our lives ,we find through out all this time ,just a simple look ,tells more than words could ever ,I want to share all I believe in without the reflections of the past ,only time comes ,our eyes will find each other .