Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dreams on Light

First there is the time and the space but more than that the need,
("What is your burning desire?"), to be. 
you taught me the pleasures of darkness, to let my eyes close and still see,
Leaning into the stillness I gather the sweet strength from the inside of everything.
Where alone becomes all one -
and when the lights come on I discover you were with me all along.

Somehow I strayed from the path,
 just a small misturn while my mind was somewhere else
I thought I could retrace it but first I wondered where it went.
And I am lost but for now unconcerned, because everywhere is connected somehow right?

The world of flux and change gathers me closer, and further than I thought it could.
and it gets so dark so quick,
 I want to phone you to come get me but I can no longer see my hand.
No longer sure if I exist at all, 
Until I open my eyes and awaken to another dream of light.


Image: What Light dreams by Koh Sang Woo


  1. Yes ,it is very Beautiful,Melts within ,with each Word that Escapes the Heart

  2. Sweet dreams til sun beams find you
    Sweet dreams that leave our worries behind you
    But in your dreams, whatever they be

    dream a little dream of me.

    ~Louis Armstrong

  3. echo's of own Heart ,only gets Heard ,at end

  4. you here my echo's
    Can you see ,yourself in my dreams