Saturday, November 6, 2010

The winner of the world

Your salt and sweat speak a new language against my own tongue.
The feelings thick and sweet catch heavy in my heart, 
Coughing up feathers full of birds that don't know how to sing.
The scent of your pleasure overwhelms the stars 
swooning dizzily around my head and about again.
And I fall down, surrender to the world that you deserve to win.


  1. There are no winners or Losers
    only a balance

    of what was
    That never can be

    Portraits of How you see
    Lines of how you allow ,others to see

    Closing the door
    Not looking back

    There shall never be a
    winner or Loser

  2. Oh, wow. You wonderful thing.

  3. Such raw, beautiful words you put together! All over this blog I find again poems and phrases that hit me *right there*.
    Quite appreciated!

    ps. your shadow is an interesting read, too!