Friday, February 18, 2011

Call off the search

It's not Just that I don't know who I am these days,
It's that I'm not even sure that I care anymore.


  1. Sometimes you have to lose yourself, to find who you really want to be.
    Sometimes, we just don't know.
    And it's okay.

  2. Sometimes, the harder you search for a thing, the more elusive it becomes.

    I find I don't really give a shit, anymore. I don't really want anything. I don't want to *do* any thing.
    But, then as soon as I say that out loud, I realize I do care. I just am trying too hard to form myself into a mold that just doesn't fit.

    I'm feeling babble-y this morning. I think I shall stop, now. :D

  3. sometimes we find our search has ended and we find in places like Canada ,that soon becomes a reality

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  5. Ive embraced it as a kind of alternative lifestyle because ive been this way all my life. i hope that doesnt sound depressing. I dont see it as anything but maybe vibrating at a longer wavelength where the self cant grab as much energy. How is that for a crazy idea :))

    (oops, i had to change cany to cant)

  6. sometimes, I think not caring is a good thing.

  7. I think sometimes.. thats when you find who you really are.


  8. Now I can truly say Good Bye and Never look back .
    donna ,dove123, murillo,profile,smiling,knew you had it in you and want let you know ,it really makes me very happy now .
    now then it shall be the final goodbye

    have wonderful life ,
    Life from here on shall be wonderful!!!
    Now I believe in my own soul ,that i can let go ,as all in this world ,there shall be a known fact ,that there was never a love ,all the blogs in the world and cruel cold things you shall write about my own family or me ,really does not bother me no more .
    only shown me everything of the person ,you really are and shall always become and all the pretty words in the world ,or How wonderful you shall ever portray your self ,shall always be deep down ,the same inside .

    have a nice life .
    hey at least you got a amazing dog out the end .

    Really never could of believe you could ever stooped as so low as create such lies about my own mother or family ,guess that goes to show ,I would of never ,done that ..

    smiling ,treat her right ,and her kid too .