Saturday, March 12, 2011

hand of God

Reaching deep through everything I was he touched my soul so that it burns like fire,
and Like a puppet with his heart inside me,
 squeezed the very life from all the secrets so small I could never understand.


  1. simply amazing.<3 <3 <3
    This may be my favorite thing that Ive seen on your blog...and theyre starting to add up so much that I cant keep track of them anymore. Im beginnng to feel like I may be commenting too much on your blog lately though... I'll try to control myself but I couldn't with this particular one!
    The size of the stars we know about has always intrigued and fascinated me, especially the limits on how big big is here.

  2. Wonderful words here... so intimate and vivid.

  3. simply beautiful!
    and profound.