Monday, March 28, 2011

if God really is my co-piolet he's got no sense of direction.


  1. Perhaps his sense of direction is just fine. Maybe He is in the passenger seat wondering where you are going!
    I think that the plan, the journey, the destination are simply a frame of mind. I think when we come to that place inside of ourselves that is open and listening, that is where we are supposed to be. And when we arrive, we will know what to do next.
    Honestly, I think God is more interested in how we get there, rather than where we are going.

    Beside, I also believe in a God who does not make plans for us. I believe that He, much like a very good parent, only wants us to live up to our potential and to love and find inner peace. Oh, and I believe He wants us to give everything of ourselves. I think He wants us to figure it out rather than plan our lives for us.

    But the subject of God, what I believe, what His plan is, what this is all about is not a subject for limited comment boxes!

  2. I believe in signs
    that there are only good
    signs and I wonder why anyone
    would believe anything else :)

  3. God can fit anywhere in the smallest flippant comment to the wildest bible ever told. :)

    You see if God and me were co-piolets, you think that I'd have some Idea where this was going.

    I can understand why God's not in hurry to "get there" , I guess he knows how this all ends already. And I know he loves to surprise us all.

    But I think he just wants us to figure out that whatever plans we make were his all along and were just driving with a toy wheel by his holy side.

  4. Well, it is more like we are God's co-pilots dont't you think?

    Maybe that is it ... you are in the wrong place

    hahaha you are funny !

  5. my cooment was based on a revelation I had a couple days ago. I cant be certain but it may hav changed my life for the better. I dont know if you can tell someone or should about stuff like that because you might have to feel it yourself to understand it.
    Im not sure thats always the case though and I hope my comment didnt seem glip or too offhand.
    I like topics like this generally speaking and I just thought I should clrify that to you and yours truly. <3

  6. eeeeks...spelling corrections:

    'my comment'
    'seem glib'
    'should clarify'