Saturday, June 18, 2011

Too Easy

Don't tell me I don't care,  I guess you have your reasons to forget me

It wasn't Love at first sight, you were impulsive both soft and sure in a way I may never get.
I'm over-thinking, my overwrought, slow boiling heart swelling crush on you.

That's how I roll, uphill with the wind in my hair,
 but I doubt you even saw me move at all.

I still Love the way my heart pounded when I called you, 
To prove I'm alive, 
 talking through the devil magic to leave un-criptic messages, 
of what may just be too little a little too late.

I sometimes blame the universe,
but she is bigger than such small things as my empty heart.
The earth carries me regardless if the hand I holds my own, 
Dragging soul through soil to uncover the root that sways the heart of men.

And the women who lie with flowers, maybe they deserve your love.
while I flounder trapped in the arms of grace,
trying to explain just how connected everything is.


  1. I relate to this completely.
    And now it is time to find someone who will notice your movements.

    -be alive.

  2. Over-thinking; such a blessing and a curse I find. I can definitely relate, but that's no surprise to you I'm sure.

  3. great writing. you know the feeling, never wanting to leave a place you've never been to.
    thats how i feel now