Thursday, June 9, 2011

Not like a rock star

Sure I set my soul on fire myself
orbiting this light alive
my heart implodes like it doesn't know what solid means.

not rock, just Ice and dust,
hanging out,
like a bad omen
cooling the tail of Mc Naught
because without this darkness who would see the light?

Comet McNaught.
Photo by John white


  1. I had to take a cold shower after this one :)
    I hope you got to see that in 2007 ( Idon't know if its still around somewhere but I thought i read it was not coming back.I should have googled itagain), the last one I saw was hale bopp. Anyhow, I see this as a good omen, and was inspired. maybe thee is more to light and dark than light and dark, i dont really know.

  2. i've missed your wonderful blog.
    You're lovely.

  3. "my heart implodes like it doesn't know what solid means."

    That is gorgeous.