Saturday, July 16, 2011

On heat

Walking through the fire of your faith
in what you can not believe
and everything I'll never prove
the lust of eternity
turning into ash
if it can't burn you.

signals deny this house on fire
The smell of smoke sticks
following the dancing shadows
alight with the passion
too clever to catch
too hot to manhandle
But I am a woman
ready heady yet steady
on Love.


  1. this one makes me feel happy and brings to mind candles and incense. the chinnamastra pic is cool.
    i like reading about the godesses and practices too.
    I like the idea of transfring from someone who understands the chiinamastra feelings to someone else by thoughts (without even touch aparently)to give a taste of what its like. that seems nice. :)

  2. This is beautiful. Your writing is wonderful.

  3. Goodness, i missed your writing. Disappearing from Blogger didn't help me at all; I only ended up missing good people, good souls, like you. I realise now, I have to cling to the few good things in life I do see.

    I love you, I love your writing.
    Stay strong, darling. You're wonderful.