Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pieces of us

The air between us thickens sticky in between my fingers
grip slipping 
sweating the stuff that makes this up
all the things I tried to say
 the way I moved my body
wearing away
time against the stones
of mountains reflections
If I reach my arms out like this theres nothing can escape me
I can hold your dreams in place
but I wont let you 
believe me. 


  1. thats a cool looking collage. Its really funny, this post kind of nudged me back on track if only temporarily as far as writing. I was making too much sense. Example: "eyes closed enraptured in the darkness composed of light" being changed from originally, " with no eyes to see just darkness compoased of light" I wont go into the phrases that I just googled that streamed into my head after reading it lol.
    anyhow, it was inspiring especailly at second reading :)

  2. just wanted to say i didnt think the post or pic was funny , both are really great. also i didnt mean this didnt make sense. I meant in the poetic sense that the most intresting poetry that i enjoy most makes more sense in a different way than is usual kind of. Im guessing you knew all this but just wanted to make sure you knew what i meant in my comment :)

  3. I wouldn't mind if you thought they were ha ha funny, it's always good to have a laugh. I've been sick with a cold and uninspired and then I remembered I had photo's my collages a while back and thought they would be a good place to start getting ideas flowing. Thanks for being my no 1 fan. :)

  4. Thats a good attitude. Sometimes im too sensitive i think. What you said made me think about what humour is and then i smiled and laughed a little at trying to define and think about what might be considered right or wrong homour and then what houmor is, I guess its funny whatever it is.
    Im glad youre feeling better.I like being here and reading your posts and getting inspired and the pictures are nice too! :)