Friday, October 21, 2011

Odd Cowgirls get the blues

but we also get the oranges, the greens the pinks and.., you get the idea no?
Ready to jump on the rainbows back
tuck it under our belts and ride it all out
words like hoofbeats kicking dust in our eyes
because we don't want to be like those other girls
denying the war we all feel.
leave the counting for the sleepers, this is frontier here,
Why don't we grow up?
it's hard to come down from the sway of the elephants back underneath us.
              when do cowboys become cowmen?


  1. When we stop believing we have all the power, we are called weak. I would rather have a cowgirl and eat steak than be too proud to admit I was hungry. I can't be just a cowboy and you are not just a cowgirl. I count on rainbow wranglers and beast masters. Who cares if they do it standing up or sitting down. I grew when I realized I would not get any taller in the saddle. And I do it what ever way I want to because it is easier than being something I am not. So ride on cowgirl, YEEE HAAAAA!!!! little darling.

  2. the rocking horse way

    floating in slow movements
    back and forth into the boundless