Sunday, December 11, 2011

uncommon courtesy

And the earth rallied around us,
materially mired in the heart of desire.
thinking we could get it, make it, be all right
as if it isn't quite, as it is.

fallen angels crying out in our sleep.
"Lord if one of us has to be wrong, please let it be me"
as if, if it wasn't, then there wouldn't be much use in praying,
or wishing for anything or everything at all.

Everything I ever wanted today 


  1. I said; all or nothing at all. Half of love, never appealed to me. If your heart never could yield to me, then I rather have nothing at all. All the fallen Angels sing "shame, shame & blame". Thinking they know best.

  2. and it came upon me
    feeling the smile and nausea
    at the same time
    ertainly nothing
    his is not a big deal
    I think

  3. it was early in the morning when I wrote this comment ( left out a C and a T). I dont know why I wrote this but at that moment for no reason I was smiling and felt kind of sick all of the sudden too while i was inbetween periods of sleep online in the wee hours of the night.
    I also knew it wasnt a big deal. It was a funny night. I had a dream and when I woke up I was very concerned but hadnt quite realized it had been a dream yet. Then I was sure I wouldnt ever get back to sleep after I realized it had been a dream as I felt all woke up and then a few seconds later I had an unrealted quick dream and woke again. That was funny.

  4. Rivercat. I liked the new word ertainly, which I wasn't certain was missing it's c. I thought perhaps it also has something to do with eternity?
    I do think that his is not a big deal equally as well as this.
    I love creative use of language even when it isn't on purpose.
    I love to dream and I often wake with renewed appreciation for the profound sense of humour my subconscious mind has.
    Thanks for visiting and for sharing. xo

  5. Wonderful thoughts and writing.

  6. And this is why we breathe, and our hearts beat, and our thoughts think...