Friday, February 24, 2012

Incomplete madness

Let me Be the Sea

sweetly slowly sadly she smiles looking straight through me

and I reach out to touch her but the world turns between us 
 time roars through the hallways, 
carrying whispers of the voice of reasons death
the Birds still sing and the sun still shines anyway.

but the moon drags heavy in the shadow of gravities mistakes
longing for loneliness 
the onlyness 
that marks true love obsolete
dark matter drifting, deep asleep, through intimate space
letting her hair down with shaking hands that know too well how feeling means
as we must know the salt of the earth
then please
let me breathe the sea.


image : Matt Wisniewki


  1. Your words, and you, are beautiful.

  2. eternal as the depths of our hearts
    smoothe as the end of a hunger
    even as the last and only question
    innocent as the forgotten laughter
    between a tear's deep shadow
    and the sweet light of passing time