Monday, March 5, 2012

knowing nothing

You say you understand and you probably even think that it's true,
But you don't, you don't.
You really don't.
And until you know that;
you never will.


  1. I knew more than I thought and less than I said.

  2. corsma, ( not the cold rolled steel manufacturing association), the word corsma. too many (un)important words are ruined by acronyms!

  3. the first two letters of the acronym sonar stand for
    sound or sonic i think. most times the letters of an acronym
    each stand for a single word. often (how often i dont know)
    the full phrase or "word string - including spaces"
    that the acronym refers to contains a "by", "of", or "the"
    and letters representing these words are left
    out of the acronym. So, it seems that even with
    all the complexity, that time and energy being
    using these shortcuts. besides having to know
    what the letters stand for, it seems like a good idea.
    It makes me think off will vs. wilbur. shortening
    to make a name feel less outdated??
    and saying see-ey-eeh does seem less awkward
    than the central intelligence agency too

  4. oops, that turned into a poem so i just wanted to post it. however doing that has a price.
    after "being" should have been "saved".

    energy being saved using these shortcuts

    and see-eye-eh not see-ey-ehe


  5. Yours Truely, is your you have mail blog gone? can't see it on your profile? ?

    Rivercat, you are a strange and wonderful creature. :)

    1. i really like your blog and dont have a hard time making comments here so Im glad you dont mind. very inspiring to me :)
      I miss the you have mail blog and hope it comes back someday.

  6. There is really no simple answer for why I closed my blog to public viewing.
    I think the most accurate thing to say is that my thoughts have been having an increasingly difficult time feeling safe enough to share themselves, here or anywhere else. And I find less and less reason to share.
    eh. So it goes.

    This is a perfect opportunity, however, to mention how much I enjoy YOUR writing. Thanks.