Tuesday, March 20, 2012

till death himself grows old

And if there was anything I could still say and still mean it 
Heaving heart to grasp a hold of everything I could ever want
If I could pause the world and show you how to feel 
deaths gentle hand fingering through, the things I believed
insistently echoing that first breath again and again
Riding the ravishing tiger of time right through me.


  1. wonderful thoughts :)

    thank you for not having the word conformation thing to post. I am on low energy and efficient by nature i think sometimes ( meaning lazy and annoyed at having to do things i dont think are necessary) so its nic to be able to freely post this now as im finishing up wit just a click :))

    (added after I saw the write the words thing!-I TAKE THAT ALL BACK !)

    and not only that but there are capital letters too!!!! oh lord give me the strength to read the words so i can post this)

    1. I tried not to have it there I don't know why it is again. I hate it too. I always get it wrong at least once before I can post anything!

  2. hi whatever,
    yes, i was wondering and then thought it is a good thing if you get a ton of spam but I dont get enough so I leave it off.
    if you go to dashboard/settings/comments and scroll down there should be a comment verification choice and you click yes or no next to it. I didnt think you had it on here then i got it and had to laugh.
    I think its fine if people want to use it but for me I too freak out when I see the fake words and have to figure out what they are. Didnt it used to be one word? and now they have capital letters and I have to use the shift key!! Its funny but it seems to keep getting harder to see too so I do leave it off for mine but you know blogger and google, i wouldnt be surprised about anything happening. I like the new design on the blog

    1. I have turned it off again or tried to. Maybe it changed when I updated the design. Looks totally different hey.

  3. I kept reading it repetitively to reach it's depth... touched the chords of my heart. perfect...