Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Life's betrayal

breathing sleeping dreaming in
my body breaking 
for all the mess
the sounds and the smells too close to be my own anymore
desire itself
of and for being 
here and there 
and everywhere
as you kiss me 
and my skull caves in.


  1. I must ask if you make the images on your page? The words here are phenomenal enough. But the photos are intense. I will definitely be visiting here often.

  2. Hi Gardenia Girl, Glad you enjoy my writings. Most of the images aren't mine. When I know where they come from I try to credit the source, but sometimes I find them in random places on the net. I find a lot of beautiful pictures on Tumblr.

  3. past the tops of trees
    I breathe a cool star called
    whose own late birth
    gives all its brightness
    to the side of the hill
    like the elastic heart mind stretched here past anything
    smash crunched into the lightening