Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Deaths Ghost

lurching through hallways
The wheels go clunk
and everything
I do wrong
is wrong
an unforgivable unlovable feeling
of my immeasurable sadness
closing her fingers around my heart
sure at last
of the one thing
I never wanted to know.


  1. this post makes me feel confused and sad.
    I hope you are alright.

  2. washed white in the sweetened air
    like the way you always are now
    spilling into black and white
    giving life what life gave
    so touched this last ride
    this time I had to hide

  3. It's quite a lot.. it seems excruciating, I remained mum after reading this.
    I was wondering what significance does this background the 'Om' holds for you?

  4. often we try to avoid unpleasant feeling, but sometimes we just need to recognise they have their own strange beauty and wisdom.

    Beyond, "OM" means a lot to me, and then maybe also nothing.
    I used to chant it every day for 15 minutes before meditation. It can be representative of a divine or cosmic power that pervades all of existence; or the very core of the energy of myself or of life itself. It is a very powerful presence and vibrational energy.