Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Crash Hot

by the weight of my own skin
it's hard to dance in wooden pants
turning round fallen trees
on moving ground
the earth around us sings 
of things
I said I'd rather not but did
because we can't believe 
That God would mess this up 
to prove he didn't Love me. 


  1. I like this, and love the 'pants' line.
    it reminded me of when a kid moved from austria and went to my elementary school. his name was gurd i think and he sometimes wore leather shorts or lenderhosen. i was kind of friends but went along with the making fun of him too mainly because his clothes that i actually thought looked pretty cool. this and a few other lines brought me back once again to the sound of music and the puppet show scene and ' goatherd' song :)

    (blogger aint working right again!)

  2. The wooden pants line put me in mind of Elvis' Wooden Heart song.

    I really love all your writing; they've been especially intense lately. So beautifully put together. Sometimes I don't completely understand what you intend to mean, but they always move me.

  3. Love this. Beautiful, and such a nice flow to it <3


  4. thanks, leather shorts do sound kinda cool, even though I do try to eat vegan!
    that wooden heart song reminds me of my childhood, my mum used to play a french woman who sang it, and I loved it. I guess it doesn't matter what it means just how it makes you/me/us feel. I think that feeling is the intention rather than meaning.
    I felt a little like I was channeling an abstract Dr Suess while this flowed out. xo