Thursday, May 19, 2011

So that I can tell hunger from thirst.

Done the hours of careful deliberation
of midnight whispers calculated against the sleepless hours
now I think on the go,
I heave my heart into my mouth again and again
against all odds
to make you see
it doesn't matter
just open your mouth and believe.


  1. i just keep pressing the button on my wall - you know, the one that isn't there...
    isn't it something that nothing matters

  2. I can never get that switch to work.
    "nothing comes from nothing, speak again." <3

  3. O youth worn of ripened childhood
    I must have done something
    something good
    something nothing ever could
    O memories think not the world asleep
    saying nothing as somethings happen
    bring forth music from that howling
    a singing glare from such to weep
    from the shaking thunder of our thinking
    lightning to the love we speak

  4. Wow that pushes all the right buttons,
    resonant with everything I'm feeling
    I think I need to sleep this out. xo

  5. from the quote from shaksepeare i ended up at the lyrics to 'something good' where captain and maria talk to each other about nothing and something. it rang a bell but im not sure what its from, the second part was inspired by reading briefly around the quote and then trying to mush it all together and make sense of how i felt. it was fun too, thnx for the speak again quote xo

  6. I got the sound of music reference was one of my favourite movies as a kid.
    I still Love music and when I read your comment was buzzing from being on a yoga dance retreat all weekend which was awesome.

    The shakespeare quote is from king lear, cordelia answers her father....
    "Unhappy that I am, I cannot heave My heart into my mouth."

    which links back to the original post. Which is about how I used to agree with her here, but now I'm not so sure. I'm at least willing to try anyhow, which is more than she did for her poor dotty dad. :)

  7. The yogo retreat sounds cool, Im glad you had fun. I like the idea of tai chi and yoga. Maybe someday Ill try one of them. My trip was not exactly relaxing because of all the travel time, but still was interesting. Sound of Music!The film version, probably was my favorite as a kid. Most of the song's music and lyrics singing were simply amazing and a good story too. That one stuck because all the music was so unusually full of life and emotions :)