Monday, May 2, 2011

not so good at conversation

You might not understand
how the sky is talking to me
making anything I could say seem so little and so bland
you might not notice how the air rushes to be inside us
eroding with each breath a little more soul.

But I do, and thats why I can't make the sense that you want
Why I don't have a full attention to give you.


  1. I know what you mean - I know exactly what you mean!

    Thank God, someone else can think of this too! :-)

  2. This is heartbreaking.
    I think because I feel it too.

  3. And in the end it's not what was said, it's not on my face or deep in my eyes. It's beneath the surface, and the only way you'll feel it is if you find my heart inside your own. xo

  4. ..."these are a few of my favorite things" :)

  5. How I relate.

    Sometimes I feel im the only one who listens or understands nature...

    While other people just stare at it like a wall.

  6. sometimes you are just unheard and sometimes you just don't want to listen... but the conversations still go on.