Saturday, November 26, 2011

never truth

The words were all over me
creeping through the spaces in between my fingers,
and sticking my tongue to the roof of my mouth.

The layers of meaning roared across the surface where only silence stood still,
echoing memories of something I once dreamed
not quite as beautiful as this.

Grounded with this butterfly pin you stuck in my back
stabbing my eyes with your hungry pain
soft with the song of the never truth, that I can't say.


  1. laboring colorless clouds ascend toward
    heaven like smoky moths
    as hilltop elves adjust their hearts
    a sentence stands between each figure
    waiting... studying the butterflies in silence

  2. This, is beautiful. As are you.
    Thinking of you, love.

  3. oh, my. so very beautiful.

    i am going to dream now of very special things, like emotion that fall as tears do and notes that that need no resolve.