Tuesday, November 22, 2011

playing the game

My life snuck up on me
she put her hands over my eyes and said guess who?

That was 30 odd years ago, 
and I'm still blind 
and guessing 
maybe it's you.


  1. I like this one! :D

  2. i was born on an odd day . today i was thinking about the differences and similarities between plants and animals and left and right politics too.
    ..and time :)

  3. I keep looking for that one connection that says "this is what I am here for" So many times I thought, This best be that person, place or thing that I was meant to help or save or be witness to, that gives my life its purpose. Many times though, I got it wrong and still I wait. I wait and create new relationships hoping beyond past hopes that this time...
    I Know their silhouette And I know their shadow as it crosses mine. Yet, not yet. Soon Mark, soon. You'll never believe who I am.