Friday, November 4, 2011

everythings fine

All the things that we say,
and the thoughts that we think
the wishes I never even wanted to come true
Everything that might have happened
falling into that same black whole
that beautiful smooth darkness
where it all began
the curve of your face
touched with love itself
more than time could ever tell
exploding in slow motion
losing forever
An elephants tears
for we remember nothing
and to this we shall be true.


  1. all the things tears
    and then this
    an elephant in the middle of my eye
    watching myself with the same stare
    like night slowly
    losing forever its darkness

  2. what fun would this life be if we carried all our memories and who we were, having those experiences. I think we retain all that we will ever need if we apply ourselves to the experience.Kinda, LIKE faith. But, more of a trust in that ever presence. I like how you phrase an image too. I like where you are going, I need more. I like to think we retain "all...", in our instincts.

  3. "exploding in slow motion"

    Gorgeous words, my dear.