Saturday, July 31, 2010

The real Kicker

I'm not so afraid of the way you might hurt me,
as I am by the fact that I just might deserve it.


  1. kinda, but also kind of liberating to discover a new layer of my inner reality. Bringing the fears into the light reduces their power somehow. I guess it gives us opportunity to explore their validity in a more rational arena.

  2. I wanted to post to I wrote this for everyone or or that blog with the stop sign.
    Do you know if that is down temporarily for a service issue? I hope so as I wanted to ask something

  3. it is hard to grasp an internal value system and if you break the code youve identified does it mean anything. id guess not. it seems everything is situational and disposition genetic. the internal ending up more important makes sense. you know its kind of impossible to communicate even with ourselves but at least its also kind of interesting :))

  4. I don't think It's impossible to communicate, but I do think words and even Idea's are limited. But sharing of feelings of energy of love is possible and if the words come from that place rather than just from the maze of the mind then they hold the power to carry us into that depth of intimacy.