Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The secret the rain told as she fell.

What if "nothing" really IS real?
what if you could tame her and teach her to sing?


  1. trying to change someone into what you think they should be or thinking about keeping a wild bird as a pet is the same thing?
    I dont know, please tell me so i do lol

  2. Trying and thinking are two different kettle of fish to be sure. lol
    But making something out of nothing seems to be all it's all about.
    As for keeping, it all depends on what keeps them.
    Cages are cruel, But I'd be a pet given enough Love. :)

  3. lets stick to only birds and forget the trying/thinkingthing

    i am in surival mode so instead of going all the way back to what love is,letsjust say we knowit when we feel it.Now i think moving abota mile down the road to cages ( i will skip cruelty having already learned that lesson)
    I think I would want my friend or loved one do thier own thing and i would support them 100%
    There are stillalotof entertaining unmade videos about internet vs. real life im sure LOLOLOL
    I can guarantee that. I think im pretty loving person especially for guy. ilike to talk about how ifeel and hate he silent treatment but understand stuff happens and people are different, but i also think many more problems are created y not talking than by talking and because they people involved dont learn what went wrong the cycle continues (sometimes)
    IF I could only physically somehow let them try my brain on or invite them in to mine I think they would be glad to kmow that its pretty free of bad feelings or hatred things that shouldnt be hated. I dont think Ihave a secret dark side lolit must suck t be a mass murderer orsomething.
    I dont like armies or guns and all the warsof "terrorism"''war against terror...how horribly sad

    I look forward to the day i can tell her how much i love her even if its just those simple words, Said with sincerity, honesty and passion the love backing them giv them so much power that nothing else is important ,,or atleast thats how imagine it could be:-)

  4. The funny thing about terror is, fighting it only gives it more reason to be afraid.

    Tell me when they start a war against Love, now theres something worth dying for. :)

  5. wars are often started because the two sides
    *have their reasons" for not talking.
    It reminds me of something else but I can't remember what ....

    I always like the way the blog wall has been
    painted in here.