Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Found Wanting

Let me be wrong tonight
but not about this
The heart holds more than we can know.
And the winds of change tear holes though the houses we thought to build there,
because Love is the sky itself.
Look up and fall
against the very laws of gravity
into that space were you can believe
Be aLive through anything. 
I want you to know, 
how I love you always and every which way
(except possibly how you wanted.)

But that you wanted,
... how we all do,
for everything, yet not right now
not like this;
But please God let me be wrong. 


  1. Goodbye is what your asking then I wave farewell ,please do not think to meet up in another life time ,as We won't find each other then .I've broken your heart as You have broken mine in return .
    The connection has been broken by our Hands .
    Please find that beauty that completes you .
    Really as my soul is saying I truly am very Tired this Time .
    Life has Won with this Heart .
    You see ,you came along when many already damaged me to no return .
    I just was to naive to protect my own self .
    I never truly meant to ever hurt you as I did ,please understand .
    You will always be good enough and loved me enough .
    Maybe you are right ,there are many out there in this world ,that you can choose from ,play the game ,win in your heart .
    It is I that was never quiet good enough for you ,
    We all knew that as truth .
    Now go ,Go far from me ,as honestly I don't want hurt no more ,ever cared YOU will know what I mean ,when I speak these words .

    now go
    We can not do this to our selves no more
    our hearts are no game its real and wanted to hurt me as you are hurt ,
    Know I am dead inside .....
    I don't wanna cry no more ,please please please

  2. You already said Goodbye ,long time ago now stop making it a joke

  3. waht you say and how you say it is inspiring

  4. Is this a picture of you?
    Cute dress, I have one made with the same material I think.