Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the who of us

I wont do what we always do.
I wont let our love be a battleground that kills us both.

I want to come to you with my arms full of gifts and my heart full of love,
So in these times when I feel nothing we must both wait.

I like to hear the sound of your voice softly calling,
but I'm not quite finished drinking this desert yet.


  1. we won't quite finish drinking ever

  2. MMM! Dessert!
    This is probably the best place I could imagine you waiting. Just, please don't fall asleep in the cake.

    Oh, and if your wine begins to turn you angry, bitter, or unhappy... stop waiting and come ramble at me drunkenly.
    For that matter, you can come ramble at me anytime you get tired of waiting. You can always go back again. I will wait.

  3. Desert? You are drinking the desert?

    No wonder your soul is feeling dry and dusty.

    Please, cease this immediately. There are cacti specifically for your benefit.