Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dualities fool

In this state I'm not sure that I count at all,
I'm already pacing half way back across the distance between us.

And back to start again at one, two
one two...
but to turn to see, is to turn to salt,
So everything burns,
To an ash mixed with sugar
smeared across the face of darkness
I know by hand
the price we willingly pay
draged backwards through time
to cover my embarrassment
at how the little you give
means so much to me.


  1. Love will be there ,between each other ,no matter what paths ,we take .

  2. I Love You ,no matter Where Life Takes You although Will Accept ,as knowing I never knew much or deserved much even though I understand more now than ever ,As I fight to make paths better ,Before I know that God will be Searching for me ,Understanding that all in my life ,Always took a Deep secret with them with God .This now understand .Life has changes and for me it's a change that has no reverse .
    Love always R.