Sunday, December 12, 2010

things I don't know how to say

Do you really want me to let you
make me want to die?

to rip my soul into bite size pieces you can swallow
Just so that you don't have to Love me like you do?

Sometimes your body detracts from something 
deeper and sweeter than skin or bones.
and it's desire distracts from what little we know.

It moves with the mind, and what is lost in translation;
to want what we want, rather than how we think

To want how we are, instead of that it should be 

Perfect as if such a word could pin down the wind
and freeze this moment the one that is too much 
But never enough, it breaks my heart all on it's own

so you see I don't need you,
only because 
I am you
I love you more than that.