Tuesday, December 7, 2010

inside out

The days twist through my fingers 
like shreds of something I should remember but don't.

And the lessons that I might have learn't, 
but wont, 
slip from my fragile grasp of reality.

But this time I don't care what it means;
         Don't care to come, 
or move so quick, 
to catch life as she flies wildly by.

I can't explain it, 
but I feel it all from the inside of everything.
        My heart, 
which is your heart now, 
want's it all.


  1. My heart... which is your heart now, wants it all.
    I love it!!!

  2. "And the lessons that I might have learn't,
    but wont,
    slip from my fragile grasp of reality."

    There is something about these lines that endear me. Maybe because I find myself frequently in that sorta disposition. :)

  3. Your words are always so beautiful. You, are always so very beautiful.
    Don't let life pass you by. I fear that life, herself, needs you; needs a wonderful light in it, times like these.