Wednesday, August 11, 2010

dreamable and reasony

I will make up my own language so you will know,
It doesn't mean how you think.

That everything is impossible
and that's what makes it all so beautiful how it is.


  1. the choir-girls drink green tea
    and giggle/speak in a language
    he used to understand

    i listen to teach my daughters

    soon, it will all be silence

    because the choir-girls drink green tea
    and cry in a language
    he purposely forgot.

  2. ...know, That...

    ...think. and....

    that is how i wanted it (i think)

    now this is just a guess:
    how it is doesnt mean how you think!

    funny thing is this kind of makes sense
    what i wonder now is whether those
    things that do make sense and hold reality
    for easy viewing,are really that impotant for much anything else...

    and again i dont know how much if any sense ive made:)

  3. I'm a zoney, you're a zoney
    together we consume bologne,

    In the magic of the night
    you zing me into light.

  4. I will take what you know and use it to confuse you.
    because in that uncertainty we might discover something new.