Saturday, August 14, 2010

What is Enlightenment?

If my mind were any more open I might just fall out. :)


  1. I really like this... and I can relate. Love the sunset picture! I can see myself falling out of that hole in the clouds.

  2. lots of peoples have taken drugs for enlightenment...and some people read intensely spiritual writings. I am the type of person that just picks up bits of everything but they slowly shake off and im me again.
    Going in hard into a subject that lends itself to enlightenment is great but then sometimes it seems like your cut off from people who havent dont that so what have you really gained? Unless its universal. So, what is universal? I dont think anything is because people are so different. I think of myself as open to anything, but im am my own kind of freak. I think there are people close to what Im like so im not worried about isolation as much as the relationship hitting some wall for some reason. Say youre totally in love and happy but a mustard seed grown into a montain of incompatability. Yes, maybe that is being negative, but isnt it also keeping an open mind?
    Im in my dont read the post over mode and im sorry for that...i am in one of my moods im afraid... I looked briefly at the choices to see if i could post as anon :) i not sure if i would have but the thought did cross my mind

  3. In my purest moments of lucidity, it is this fear of falling up that grips me. This falling out, of the orbit of my life. The loss of even the illusion of control. We are all connected in the spirit, but in our minds were all alone.
    somedays this "me again" feels a weight around my neck but I'm not yet ready to see where the sky ends up.

  4. That's just it isn't it? Enlightenment is falling out of your mind but coming back again so very aware/awake.