Thursday, August 5, 2010

The pacifist at war

I will not fight for neither side,
but I'm willing to die for both if I have to.


  1. pass if fist

    there are i think a few different kinds

    i had a strange dream about being in church
    and having the people sitting in the pew in front of me turning to ask why i wouldnt figt
    the bully behind me
    i didnt want to fight anyone
    if i remember more ill let you know
    i know that listening to other peoples dreams
    real sleep dreams can be hard sometimes if they are really long and seem pointless
    the next time someone tells me about their dream im going to try harder to pay attention :)

  2. when you say
    die for both
    I just hope
    I feel what
    you mean someday

    i suspect my limited experience in relationships keeps me from fully understanding this ( if this is about a relationship lol)

  3. One of my favourite bits about church was when you got to shake hands with all the people in the rows around you and say "peace be with you". Do they still do that these days?

    This wasn't about a relationship per se. It's about the two sides of every story, about being willing to believe in both sides at the same time.

  4. I havent been to Church since i
    was a child but we had a coffee
    hour where the adults socialized
    at the service people were very up
    tight,cold and somber but somtimes
    dozing off especially the elderly lol
    not poking fun as much as remembering how the heads would snap back to attention then slowly droop
    back to one side.

    i often feel that way,
    agreeing with both sides
    it must be interesting to
    be involved in conflict resolution
    although counselors psychologists etc have a higher divorce rate, ( ive read that a few times)
    i think that after some factors to be considered
    in their cases were removed the rate would go back to about the norm

  5. I was at church today and since for all the years I can remember they have always and do still greet each other as the service begins, saying things like "Peace be with you." In my church some of us go all the way across the room and sometimes start up a conversation. It gets so loud that the pastor has to work a little bit to get us back in our seats and quieted.

    It's tough to be a pacifist at war. It's like being ripped in half, so ultimately you will die for either side. I'm also thinking the way you say "I will NOT fight for NEITHER side" sounds like you will fight for both sides. I don't know.. sometimes I get confused with two negatives in a sentence. Did I get that right? I'm really over sleepy.. sorry.

  6. Ha I didn't consciously mean that I would fight for both when I wrote it, but on reflection I probably would if I believed they were right. If I thought it would be helpful to fight. Mostly it isn't but I don't think I'd just let some one hurt me or others meaninglessly without trying to stop it.

    I'm glad people still get to offer each other peace in Church. thanks :)