Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What he said

" Just because I Love you, doesn't mean I care what you think. "
So I still wonder what it does mean.


  1. I will try to decode this.
    I think this is contextual, meaning id need more info to understand who knows what about who when this was said and in what situation... If you really knew this person and he said that, perhaps he was kidding. If he was being sincere, then he's not making much sense that I can understand from the information provided.
    If you did'nt really know this person well it its a pretty bad opening remark lol.
    Am i not getting something about this post? I just think that most people care what other people think because that is how they find out about who they are ( i think) and to not care would be a lot worse than to disagree with what someone thinks while still respecting their right to think whatever they want.
    How about 'just because I love you doesnt mean I agree with everything you think'. Is that what he meant maybe? At that point it becomes important what the subject of the disagreement is. If they dont agree on whether they love each other to carry it to the extreme, that would be a serious issue for him as far as the statement goes. If he likes the color red best, and she blue best, then they can compromise and choose purple or something lol.
    In all seriousness,my first thought is that he is being kind of rude..and maybe angry about something. I think normally if you love someone you care very much what they think.

  2. No doubt he was being rude, but I don't think it means it isn't true.
    And a part of me admires the audacity of brutal honesty.

    sometimes our thoughts are garbage and we give them so much importance.

    Sometimes we rely way too much on what others think of us.

    And I guess you can Love someones soul without the mind having to be involved.

    And I still can't say what the truth is in the end, because it hasn't reached the end yet.

    My heart still loves him, but my soul isn't ready to be near him just yet.

  3. yes that is a good way to look at it.
    "i dont care what you might think "
    could that have been a better way to put it?
    if two people are so close they feel what the
    other thinks unimportant ok,i suppose that is some very special bond and there would be interest just out of curiosity of how a relationship would function at that depth of understanding, but anything less and a statement like that would seem to me more offensive in its lack of clarity than admirable in its boldness and honesty.
    Id rather feel right than think something right,
    but on the other hand i would think for meat least
    that id like some consideration to my poor little brain and what it might think....if that is possible or casn be consistent with being honest..( for example offering an explanation or entertaining a discussion regarding what has been said)

  4. It does seem to me a bit rude for a loving relationship. However, I can see that it may be understandable, if he is trying to keep his individuality and not change who he is. Although, if what he does is obnoxious or hurtful to people or to you then that is just not right if he didn't care. If he just likes wearing a purple shirt with hot pink buttons and he doesn't care what you think, then for me it wouldn't be a big issue. If he is just obnoxious and honest about it, then I guess that's up to you if you can live with that or not.
    I also think you can love someone and not want to give them your soul because you don't feel it would be safe with him.

  5. The thing is, in-between his bouts of out mind blowing rudeness, this guy somehow managed to show me more Love than I've ever felt from anyone. Maybe the mind-blowing is what it was all about, still theres only so far my mind can open before I fall right out of it :)

    So maybe rather than questioning what he means by Love I should investigate more what I mean by it.

  6. I kind of take this in the "gonna wear purple shirt with hot-pink buttons" kind of way, although it could apply to more serious things.
    I find that if I start caring too much about what someone I love thinks about me, I begin to hide myself more.
    This is a very interesting concept.

    Maybe he was rude because he didn't know how to express himself better.