Tuesday, August 31, 2010

once upon a time

I saw Gods right here, walking amongst us, they looked just like you and me.
And then everybody told me, there was only one God, and he was in heaven.
And I believed that they knew and lost my ability to see.


  1. When I was a child and they told me about God I remember just thinking they were crazy and went along with it. My brother turned me on to the exorcist movie later on and that freaked me out and made me really scared and think. I was really young and it was a stupid thing to do to a kid, but it did make me wonder about the devil at night. Anyhow, soon after I thought that perhaps they were both just ancient myths like the greek gods... I think that God crucifying Jesus is just not right. I always thought that was over the top to kill your "son" like that :(

    Im not sure how directly related to your comment this is :)

  2. Love this. And how often do we simply believe what others have told us to.